God I  hate my job

God I hate my job

So where does one starts from ?
so i'm just going to talk about my day
and see where it gets me.

Woke Up This Morning
hug my girl for another 5 min
and then went to work.

God I hate my job

I now "every job as respect"
and i should be thankful for a job in
this hard economic reality.

But some how i fund myself working as security
in central bus station tel aviv.
(googel it ) In fact I was googling it and I found this
lovely article
"the station is perhaps the most reviled place in the country,
seen by most Israel is as a
hub of prostitution and crime in Neve Sha’anan,
a working class south Tel Aviv neighborhood."
Read more: I-spent-18-hours-in-tel-avivs-bus-station

I want to clarify somthing

for those people that do not live
in a reality of terror an security
on day to day basis

You should really appreciate it
I'm not joking! if you don't have thoughts
about getting stab with a knife while taking a bus
while you're reading the bus
Take a big breath and just fucking appricieat
the hell out of it

And I'm only saying that because
I see many tourists
coming to the central bus city in tel aviv
carrying a knife in their backpack
don't get me wrong i love you guys but
i'm always amazed and intrigued by the look
of surprise that you
get on your face when we find the knife at the checkpoint
and we need to delay you for clarification

You're so cute I honestly want to hug most of you

So that's it working security for now

its a low point in my life
I think that even the junkis and the prastetuts,
are looking at us and they feel good about themselves
for a second
Thinking "at lise i don't have that job".


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